• Name
  • Wooday Puttiah Krishna
  • Designation
  • Chartered Engineer-Arbitrator
  • Birth and Family Background
  • Born in 1963 in Bengaluru
  • Great Great Grandfather

    Woodeda Puttanna (1807 - 1899)

    Wood Furniture Manufacturer & Philanthropist.

    Great Grandfather

    Woodeda Hanumanthappa (1856 - 1928)

    Corundum and Manganese Mines Owner and a noted Folklorist of his times.
    A Lane in Balepet, Bengaluru, is named after him.


    W. H. Hanumanthappa (1885 - 1977)

    Freedom Fighter; Founder Member of Mysore Congress; Former Member, Mysore Representative, Constituent and Legislative Assemblies; and, Former Mayor of Bengaluru.
    5th Main Road, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru, is named after him.


    W. H. Puttiah (1923 - 2012)

    Merchant, Freedom Fighter and Philanthropist
    3rd 'B' Main Road in Sriramnagar, Mahalakshmipuram, Bengaluru, is named after him.

  • Student Leadership
  • Member

    Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala Students' Council, Mysuru, 1977-78


    Bangalore Institute of Technology Students’ Union, 1982-83

    Founder President

    Bangalore Institute of Technology Kannada Sangha, 1981-82

    Took active part and courted arrest in the famous ‘Gokak Agitation’ demanding primacy of Kannada in school education, 1982

    Working President

    Karnataka Engineering Students’ Forum, 1982-83

  • Education
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration
    M.S. by Research in Industrial Engineering & Management
    B.E. (Mechanical)
    M.L. (Contracts including Mercantile Law)
    M.A. (Sociology)
    Diploma in Journalism
  • Profession
  • Senior Chartered Mechanical Engineer
    Govt. of India Registered Valuer of Machinery & Plant
    Certified Arbitration Engineer
  • Fields of Specialization
  • 30 Plus Years of Experience and Expertise in

    Engineering Inspection and Certification
    Appraisal of Machinery & Plant
    Techno-legal Consultancy
    Teaching, Training and Research
    Disaster Management
    Educational Administration
Professional Affiliations

Founder Life Fellow

  • BRICS Academy of Engineers


  • The Institution of Engineering and Technology, U. K.
  • World Academy of Productivity Science, Canada
  • The Institution of Engineers (India)
  • Indian Institution of Technical Arbitrators
  • Indian Institution of Plant Engineers
  • Indian Institution of Production Engineers
  • Indian Council of Arbitration
  • World Academy of Engineers
  • Institution of Valuers
  • International Council of Consultants
  • Indian Technology Congress Association
Professional Accomplishments and Thought Leadership

Transitioned from a successful Educator to a Certified Arbitration Engineer of high eminence. Consistently delivered comprehensive, fact-based, sector-specific, top-notch and high value Arbitration Awards that have stood the test of legal scrutiny. Built a reputation as a proponent of Institutional Arbitration. Appointed as Court Commissioner, Adjudicator and Sole Arbitrator in a number of techno-legal cases. Served as Co-Arbitrator along with retired High Court and Supreme Court Judges.

Certified Chartered Mechanical Engineer of India with expertise in engineering inspection and certification.

Govt. of India Registered Valuer of Machinery and Plant of over 25 years standing.

Provided Technology Leadership as National President of the Indian Institution of Production Engineers.

Nominated as Member

  • Board of Management
    Engineering Staff College of India
  • National Committee for Certification of Professional Engineers & International
    Professional Engineers.
  • National Committee on Engineers’ Bill


  • World Academy of Engineers
  • BRICS Federation of Engineering Organizations
  • Indian Technology Congress Association
  • Indian Society for Networked Autonomous Unmanned Systems
  • The Institutions of Engineers (India) Alumni Association (IEIAA)

Empanelled as Arbitrator with

  • The Arbitration Centre, Karnataka
    An Initiative of the High Court of Karnataka, Bengaluru
  • The Indian Council of Arbitration, New Delhi
  • The Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata;
  • The Indian Institution of Technical Arbitrators, Chennai

Invited to serve as

  • Honorary Emeritus Professor
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    New Horizon College of Engineering (Autonomous), Bengaluru
  • Visiting Faculty
    Engineering Staff College of India, Hyderabad
  • Member, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Board
    Adichunchanagiri University
  • Member, National Advisory Committee
    Nagarjuna College of Engineering (Autonomous), Bengaluru
  • Member, Advisory Committee
    Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Sustainable Development
    Karnataka State Rural Development and Panchayat Raj University, Gadag
  • Member, Academic & Development Committee
    Atria Institute of Technology, Bengaluru

Served as

  • Visiting Professor
    D. C. School of Management Technology, Idukki District, Kerala
  • Faculty
    Department of Mechanical Engineering.
    B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bengaluru
  • Vice-Chairman
    The Institution of Valuers (India), Bengaluru Branch
  • Convener
    Indian Engineering Congress, 2011
    India's largest Engineering Conclave


  • Technical Experts' Committee, Karnataka Government School Students' Satellite (KG3Sat) Project, 2022.
  • Karnataka State Scientific Research Council
  • Organizing Committee, Indian Technology Congress, Bengaluru
  • Advisory Committee, Indian Sustainability Congress, Bengaluru
  • Project Monitoring Committee of the Indian Council for Medical Research sponsored Research Project relating to 'Development of Prototype and Manufacture of Non-invasive Gluco Meter using Near Infra-Red Spectrometry’
Books & Publications


  • Gandhi Mattu Adhyatmika Susthirate, published by Karnataka Gandhi Smarak Nidhi
  • Mahatma Gandhi mattu Swaccha Bharata, published by Karnataka Gandhi Smarak Nidhi
  • Samajavaada: Gandhi Drishtikona published by Karnataka Gandhi Smarak Nidhi
  • Gandhi mattu Adhyatmika Rajakaarana, published by Gandhi Peace Foundation
  • Sir M. Visvesvaraya: Jeevana, Sadhane in Kannada
  • Bellakki Saalu a collection of Pen Sketches in Kannada
  • Nadiyante Nenapu a Memoir in Kannada
  • Beyond the Boundaries being a compilation of Letters, Articles, Speeches and Interviews of Dr. Wooday P Krishna, with a foreword by Dr. Justice M. Rama Jois

Member, Editorial Board

  • Monograph on Biosensors
  • The Discipline and Culture of Innovation
  • Monograph on Nanosensor Technology
  • Acoustics and Noise Control
  • Taoist Directions for Design and Development
  • Micro Air Vehicle Experts Directory
  • Introduction to Basic Machining Technology
  • The Institution of Engineers (India) Annual Technical Volume (Mechanical Engineering)


  • Edited 'Samaahita', a Collection of Critical Essays on Prof Mallepuram G Venkatesh's Life and Literary Works, published by Udaya Prakashana, Bengaluru, 2022.

General Editor

  • Works of Sir R. Venkataratnam Naidu (in 3 Volumes)


  • Legendary Charter Progression of Indian Engineering edited by Dr. L V Murali Krishna Reddy & published by the Indian Technology Congress Association
  • Reminiscence of the Engineer-Statesman Sir M. Visveshwaraya edited by Dr. L V Murali Krishna Reddy & published by the Indian Technology Congress Association

Chief Editor

  • Loka Chintakaru, a collection of Articles in Kannada and English on Great Thinkers, published by Karnataka Gandhi Smarak Nidhi

Managing Editor

  • Seshadripuram Journal of Social Sciences, a Peer Reviewed Open Access National Journal

Seminars & Papers

  • Organized and attended a number of technical seminars, symposia, workshops, conventions and conferences on Engineering, Valuation and Arbitration at State, National and International levels
  • Published a number of technical papers in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Asset Valuation
Overseas Accomplishments


  • 5th World Kannada Conference organised by AKKA (Association of Kannada Kootas of America), Chicago, USA, 2008
  • 17th South Asia Teaching Session on International Humanitarian Law held at Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2010, at the Invitation of the International Committee of the Red Cross
  • International Conference on Innovation & Technology at the University of Technology, Malaysia, 2015.
  • 18th World Productivity Congress, organised by World Academy of Productivity Science, Behrain, 2017.
  • International Astronautical Congress, Paris, 2022.


  • Indian Delegation that visited China in 2006 on a Goodwill Mission
  • Indo-Russian Technovation Delegation that visited Russia in 2015
  • Indo-Germany Technovation Delegation that visited Hannover Masse, Germany, in 2017
  • Indo- Israel Technovation Delegation that visited Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2018
  • Expert Committee to review Western Ghat Ecological Reports by Dr.Kasturirangan and Dr. Madhav Gadgil, 2014.
  • Indian Technology Congress Association's Space-Tech Delegation that visited France, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary & Serbia in 2022.
  • Indian Technology Congress Association's Space-Tech Delegation that visited Czech Republic in 2023.


  • Indian Delegation to Sri Lanka at the invitation of the Government of Sri Lanka underthe Indo Sri Lanka Youth Exchange Programme, 1999
Individual Social Responsibility
  • Outstanding Voluntary Non-Political Public Service spanning four decades.
Countries Visited
  • Singapore, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, United States of America, New Zealand, Qatar, Dubai, Bangladesh, Bahrain, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Abu-Dhabi, Israel, France, Austria Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Oman.